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Kathryn Adele Schumacher

Kathryn Adele Schumacher received her BA degree from Rollins College in Florida with majors in Fine Art & Art History. After graduation, she embarked on a career in the advertising and broadcast industries. Following the first career path she spent the next twenty-five years working primarily in residential interior design with a post-graduate education from UCLA. Eight years ago she committed herself to a full-time career as an artist. Her emphasis is primarily collage art, monotype printing and abstract painting. Kathryn has had numerous exhibitions during the past few years, in both solo and group shows. She has won two recent show awards in south Florida. Her local mentors in collage are Bruce Helander and Judy Flescher.

While in the interior design business, I assembled various elements and put them together— which is similar to collage. In my collages, I try to provide a pleasing continuum for the eye by connecting color, line and texture so that one can rove with their eyes while viewing the art. Often within my collages ideas, themes, and organic shapes emerge on their own during this creative process. The collages consist of acrylics, watercolors, pen & ink, fabric, cut paper, crayon and pastels. The various elements listed above along with spatial relationships all collaborate to form a multi-layered composition. "

Artist Tributes

“Like her fascinating flower colleges, Kathryn Adele Schumacher’s work is blossoming into handsome sophisticated compositions made of torn and cut paper from the printed page, which have an unforgettable appeal. As her career continued to develop and mature, this led to an exciting focus on expressing her imagination by utilizing the esteemed ritual of college”
Bruce Helander
Collage Artist
Kathryn with the head of the girl’s school where WWW built new dorms and bathrooms

Non-Profit Work Africa
World Women Work. Save The Elephants. Golf Fore Africa.

In addition to art her interests include photography, making movies, travel and golf. She has traveled to several countries in Africa, where she works with the non-profit organizations—World Women Work, Save the Elephants. Most recently she is helping to raise money for Golf Fore Africa, another non-profit. Her experiences while traveling around the world have often provided themes for her collage art.