“Like her fascinating flower colleges, Kathryn Adele Schumacher’s work is blossoming into handsome sophisticated compositions made of torn and cut paper from the printed page, which have an unforgettable appeal. As her career continued to develop and mature, this led to an exciting focus on expressing her imagination by utilizing the esteemed ritual of college”

Bruce Helander
Collage Artist

I try constantly and consistently to provide a pleasing continuum for the eye by connecting color, line and texture so that one can “rove” with their eyes while they view and explore my art.

Collages consist primarily of newsprint, cut paper, watercolors, acrylics, pastels and Monotype printing. Cutting and selecting the images and tactile pieces to incorporate into my painting involves an important editing process —which is exciting. 

“Collage is the Twentieth Century’s Greatest Innovation”

-Robert Motherwell


"Sea Life"

"Abstract Dimensions II"

Non-Profit Work - Mission: Africa

  • World Women Work
  • Save The Elephants
  • Golf Fore Africa

Kathryn with the head of the girl’s school where WWW built new dorms and bathrooms

Students at the Tailoring School

Students Learn Sustainable Farming

Dedicated Teacher

Ian Douglas-Hamilton (founder of Save the Elephants) and Singer Rankin (founder of World Women Work)